Hype is a production company based in Tasmania…A state that used to be connected to Australia.

Way back in ’13 two guys did some work together for another company and didn’t end up yelling at each other, which in TV production land is very rare.

So these 2 guys set up a company called Hype TV. They just wanted Hype but that was registered to some clothing brand!

Anyway, they just prefer to be called Hype and one of the two guys reckons it should be written as hype no capital – which the other guy who is a huge pedant, struggles with – probably contributing to his excess drinking on weekends…

As it turns out, the two guys still talk to each other and the only yelling is done by the old guy when people send emails using “there” when they mean “their” or “they’re”.

Hype/hype does everything and anything buyneurontin.org in the content creation world. We really love tourism work, tv commercials that hopefully require some humour and especially corporate videos that never buylasix.net get seen outside of our edit suite. But hey, we’re not fussy!

Wanna have a chat or catch up for drink?

Then you should definitely contact Dave – 0424 436 422 – dave@hypetv.com.au