The Main Event {!}.

Working remote, no problems.

Clients can remote view or direct their production from anywhere in the world.

Awards Shows.

{the winner is}.

Who doesn’t love an awards show?

They are often an industry’s night of nights to celebrate with colleagues.

Well, luckily we make awards shows.

Some of our recent shows include the Civil Contractors Federation, Tasmanian Tourism Awards and the Australian Tourism Awards.  

Event Highlights.

Hype is often engaged to capture content at events, in a non-linear fashion. That is, identifying key moments, main speeches, prize giving etc.

This content is then edited into a “highlight” to reflect on what a great event it was.

Event Highlights are usually cut to music and tells the story in an abbreviated sense.


Event Reel

Australian of the Year

Sydney to Hobart

Young Achiever Awards

Event Documentation.


Documenting an event is quite different to a highlight of an event the opposite. Cameras are set up and every speaker or performer is captured in a linear fashion as real-time.

Quite often the “documentation” is just kept for reasons such as legal concerns, transcription of key speakers and reference for following events.



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