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Clients can remote view or direct their production from anywhere in the world.

Live Streaming.

Now more than ever before live-streaming video has been so important. Live Streaming enables larger audiences to participate an event or people experience a product or experience in real time.  To create an experience that generates hype for a brand; production quality matters.

Audience expectations for online experiences have shifted and consumers production value expectations have increased. Purely just going live on an online media platform won’t command the attention as it did in the past.

We look at live-streaming as an extension of live broadcast. Multiple cameras, live switching, graphics and video elements are just the starting point for creating an audience’s online experience.

Our mission is to create live experiences that not only incorporate the highest production values but have people re-watching the show after the actual event.

Live streaming content has accelerated and now is a common practice used for everything from orchestral performances, multi-talent Q&A sessions, awards nights with capped seating and conferences.

We have a high skillset within our team and the capabilities to create all live-streaming productions by remote and facilitate the coordination of multiple talent globally.

Live Production (Streaming) is rapidly changing area within the online world and we strive to be at the forefront as it’s moving forward.


Live Production.


Live Production is an exhilarating experience for any professional in the television industry. Our team and core network have decades of experience in live broadcast across household known television shows.

We strive to create content with these broadcast standards and reflect the principles and practices developed through years of experience working in broadcast television in Australia.  

A live stream is must not only be technically executed to a high standard but the production values of any content resolve from pre-production execution. We develop and create all creative content for our productions in-house to maintain these high production standards.  


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Borders and physical locations are no boundary when working in a live production online space. We have the technical capabilities to link and remote control multiple locations into a broadcast.

Ask a producer for more information when making your booking.

The full service. {smart}.

As a full service production company HYPE enables clients the flexibility to create all the content for there live production in one place.


As a full service production company we offer a full suite of creative production services for live productions. From concept development for the stream, to set and stage design through to graphic and multimedia packages.

Production Crew

HYPE has a network of crew across Tasmania. We have multiple teams of Producers, Directors, Cinematographers in our creative network.  

Technical Logistics

With multiple edit suites and an in house post-production team HYPE can create all the final assets for your stream. Our technical team can also discuss options for live interviews and remote panel discussions in multiple locations.


Our team can facilitate just about any creative vision you may have for your production. From a single camera to a multi-camera broadcast we are excited to discuss your vision.

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